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Dusty gem


this is real life too.


Very bittersweet, you can feel the urgency while you go out, playing one final game.

This is how I would like to go out in a world war: playing my favorite board game whilst heavy missiles shoot off in the background.

Really great game , I loved it


Damn that was stressing for real 

this was crazy good


true horror honestly

Wow, that was out of left field.

yeah i'd say i'm kinda out of control there


Good game

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This game feels too much like a situation that could happen in reality, yet it's strangely comforting in a way. It's a bittersweet masterpiece.


beeautiful. thank you for making!!


ma ganao hijoputa

Great Game, i love it 

Amazing  game, I was not expecting the ending.

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IDK im so sensible i cried for this



an amazing experience

Really great game, absolutely loved it! Great job!



This is the BEST game i´ve played in a while, well done!

The twist is one the best i´ve seen in a video game.

dang that was impactful for such a short game. well done.

simple but clever, love it

good game


current events really add to the horror of this i must say.  extremely impactful for how simple it may seem on the surface.


this is where men cry...


I didn't get it...


You played with that pperson in order to not think about the war, then you died but not alone hopefully


I didn't even get to finish my game of checkers...

In all seriousness, neat game! I really love the art style. 


this was so good i dont even have the words for it.


This really moved me more than I could have expected. Stunning work. Incredible narrative.


Genuinely one of the darkest games that I've played. The fact that there's nothing I could have done to prevent it from happening. Very simple but also very effective. Great job.

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 05:38


Very effective and good. I'm glad I played this.


Spoilers, I guess...

What I really appreciate about this game is how it kept leading me to believe (or I kept assuming) I knew how it was going to end, only for my predictions to mean nothing.

Before I opened the game, I saw the old man and assumed it was going to become some cancer story, then the game started and I realised we were living through war. So I assumed a bomb would destroy the house in a big, sad explosion that confirms finality. Then, the frightened man grips your hand in terror and comfort and the house buckles under its own weight. Like real war, there was no way for me to know until it happened.

It really was quite the ride. I kept just wanting to play checkers and not think about the end. Nice work, man! (:

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esta mamada me hizo  llorar, buen juego

Simple and fantastic.

very simple yet moving. fantastic work


This made me sad!

Deserves a lot of appreciation. Though short and simple, It delivers a clear message very powerfully.

Very nice game , I really liked the impact it had on me 😁

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