Please play with the sound on.

Play one last game of checkers in dreadful circumstances beyond your control.
Neither of you remember the rules that well. But it doesn't matter.

  • A short ~3 minute narrative experience.
  • Click a piece when its your turn and then click the destination.
  • Made for the GMTK 48 hour game jam. The prompt was 'Out of Control'.

Please note that this game has received minor bug-fixes since the original game-jam release. The original build is available in the downloads section. See the devlog for details.
Music 'Good-Night by the Knickerbocker Quartet' used with Public Domain License.
Some SFX used from,, and the Universal SFX Library bundle from Humble Bundle.


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Nice game

Everybody else has already said it but this game feels incredibly real. For a 3 min game, it just is very masterful at conveying every bit of information and emotions it wants to. Really really interesting and poignant game.


wonderful game ! I think (at least to me) it is pretty clear a war is going on, and in their final moments they decide to play against each other one last time. I am however confused on the knocking at the door near the end. Maybe a soldier ? The soldier could have possibly been on their side ? Who knows, you left it up for interpretation, which i like. This game feels more like an art piece to me than an actual game. Good job 


I thought the knocking was a from an enemy soldier going in to houses and clearing them


я живу во время войны и ета тема для меня очень близка к серцу в конце игра дала мне прослезится 


Ты тупой педик, надеюсь, твой дом взорвут. Лол

Loved the game, I can't recommend it enough. It inspired me to create a narrative analysis.  (One Last Game as well as Three Jogs in the same analysis)
Forget the Game Mechanics it is time to cry


I like how we know we are doomed but don't even bother trying to save ourselves. Better than games where you unnecessarily try to avoid the unavoidable lol.

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hmm it seems you're a digger, I don't really like diggers all that much. Whis, get the digger killer


Oh no they found me


What a bittersweet game. It made me tear up a bit at the end

Beautiful game

a good final game, my friend.

I appreciate how this game respects my time. with meaningful progression and no unnecessary filler.


Really sad game. Respect to everyone who died in war

even hitler?

Nah Hitler sucks 

i shouldve one 

why is this gameplay HILARIOUS

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"good last game" -

Ngeri juga main sambil ada suara bom gitu, apalagi akhirnya di gedor-gedor.

Sad, short and a good message.

What a harrowing experience. Beautiful! The small changes in expression, the delicate flickering of candlelight that eats away at the darkness, if only for a moment.. the banging on the door. My heart broke over and over. Thank you for the game!

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bro the old man is acting like nothing is happening

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i  don't know wth happened at the end but i loved the game <3


They freakin' died, man!


This is so saddddd


The rules never mattered, it was the friends we made along the way. 


random sounds and then he grabs your hand lmao

sensual style. lol.

old people sex


What on earth could be more important than this last game of checkers?



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Absolutely awesome

Love it :)

Dusty gem


this is real life too.

This is so true it happened to me


Very bittersweet, you can feel the urgency while you go out, playing one final game.

This is how I would like to go out in a world war: playing my favorite board game whilst heavy missiles shoot off in the background.

Really great game , I loved it


Damn that was stressing for real 

this was crazy good


true horror honestly

Wow, that was out of left field.

yeah i'd say i'm kinda out of control there



Good game

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This game feels too much like a situation that could happen in reality, yet it's strangely comforting in a way. It's a bittersweet masterpiece.


beeautiful. thank you for making!!


ma ganao hijoputa

Great Game, i love it 
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