Please play with the sound on.

Play one last game of checkers in dreadful circumstances beyond your control.
Neither of you remember the rules that well. But it doesn't matter.

  • A short ~3 minute narrative experience.
  • Click a piece when its your turn and then click the destination.
  • Made for the GMTK 48 hour game jam. The prompt was 'Out of Control'.

Please note that this game has received minor bug-fixes since the original game-jam release. The original build is available in the downloads section. See the devlog for details.
Music 'Good-Night by the Knickerbocker Quartet' used with Public Domain License.
Some SFX used from,, and the Universal SFX Library bundle from Humble Bundle.


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Development log


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this gave me both fear and sadness but happiness at the thought of the old man.


very sad.. i lost...

i won yay the old mad wasnt as lucky tho


Very sad .. But i won.


Heart wrenching concept - great game. 


that was such a... heart breaking game :/
but its a good game! good job 

absolutely beautiful. the atmosphere is something most artists can only hope to create:)


Really good and sad

Sad.... :( 


I lost to the other guy lol

can i get some context of whats happening, please?

Seems like you were finding a way to pass time in a war zone you didn't wanna be in

ah, that makes a lot more sense. thanks

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Very interesting experience!

i would've won the checkers game if it wasn't for those soldiers kicking the door in...

 ( ^.^)





Not fair how come I can’t play


Really sad. One of the best games ever


Guerra de mierda me cago la buena partida que tenia contra el otro mamahuevo


The story behind this game was truly heartbreaking, 100% recommend playing


absolutely emotional. the sweetest stories are the shortest ones. 


I'm wondering who's at the door banging so loud like it's the ending of the world. Oh wait


well done.



I'm from Ukraine,and i almost broke my computer 

Меня это очень тронуло, спасибо за ваш труд


With so little you managed to create so much emotion in such little time.


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Awh man this game is pretty depressing. I legit ALMOST got emotional on the ending T_T.

You should play it though. :DDD

I want to play soo  and my iPad is not bad this game Is slow

How to play on ipad it is not working i am playing on ipad 7

very unnerving

We played this game as one of our spooky October events, thanks for making this!!

where is video


I want to play this is game



One final moment of peace before the inevitable "blackness" comes:( Was a great play though. So many emotions in such a short amount of time!


They tried to silence the outside world with the little peace they tried to establish between each other. This left me with an amplified depression. GREAT

Why does it have to be so sad? T_T


Honestly the sheer impression this game left on me was astounding. Absolutely incredible how you managed to invoke so much in just three minutes. A full-fledged experience well worth anyone's time.

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Thank you for this wonderful game!

#peace #nowar
You can check my full game playthrough here:

why wont it work it says.a error and I am on iPad


Well that was a bit sad


Wait, did the door break down from the storm or was there a person there? Also, this guy has no sportsmanship—he covered my hand!


soilder knocking on the door, my guess, he opened fire the second he kicked the door open killing both you and the old man

I thought it was bizarre when it was raining frogs but missiles really blow that out of the water

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