Please play with the sound on.

Play one last game of checkers in dreadful circumstances beyond your control.
Neither of you remember the rules that well. But it doesn't matter.

  • A short ~3 minute narrative experience.
  • Click a piece when its your turn and then click the destination.
  • Made for the GMTK 48 hour game jam. The prompt was 'Out of Control'.

Please note that this game has received minor bug-fixes since the original game-jam release. The original build is available in the downloads section. See the devlog for details.
Music 'Good-Night by the Knickerbocker Quartet' used with Public Domain License.
Some SFX used from,, and the Universal SFX Library bundle from Humble Bundle.


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this is not 3d game but when i close game few month in my mind this game attract me & i go to find this game and replay because this game simulation will emotionally connect me , i enjoy it & play until last end

Llore, muy conmovedor y reflejante de realidad

love the game!

That was nice and touching.

so deam good! <3


extremely touching!!

if it's too late to escape, we might as well be together in our last moments

The music was so scary bruh

This game is unique and interesting! Please watch it and subscribe!

ive never been this emotional for a game. it's very lovely, thank you :) also i was losing the game >:(

This made me cry!!


really beautiful for playing at 3 am <3


the story, the design is really good

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Holy shit this was so good, I really enjoyed the whole experience and that sound design is mwah chef's kiss


This game really stood out for its atmosphere, especially when the lights went out. It really demonstrated how this was their final game and it didn't matter who won or lost. Great game 10/10!

Here is my video, this is the first game I play! Please drop a like and subscribe! I would really appreciate it, thank you!


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Ótimo jogo, uma experiência mesmo, o resultado da partida de damas não realmente importa, mas o momento a qual os dois jogadores estão aproveitando em meio a um universo caótico, isso é muito massa, como se nada mais tivesse importância, apenas estar ali naquela última partida entre grandes amigos...

Vídeo programado para o dia  01/09.


There is no winner. I like it. The violence ultimately brings peace for the player and what we thought was the rival, who turns out to be our dearest friend.  You play what I believe is in the middle of a war zone. You end the game with a comforted death. It tells you to find good in bad, and live the best you can. A beautiful game overall. Bravo!

idk how to play checkers, but i think i won. Great little game!

We both lost in the end. Very well made game with a disturbing atmosphere. Keep up the good work! 

so good

Amazing atmosphere!


i was winning 😤


the door breaking sound though it's funny

a master example of creating crushing atmosphere in so little time. absolutely in love.


(Last game in the video)

I enjoyed my time playing this! The atmosphere was really effective.

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Pretty nice short game,atmosphere is great i liked effects of bombing and calm music,and like characters just playing checkers and don't pay attention on bombing 5\5

this game is just wow. The atmosphere and the way the actions made by both characters really makes this game very unsettling. Although it was short, you managed to convey alot of emotion during the duration. I love it.

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that old man is too good at checkers

really well made, good short experience 

Really well done.

Really enjoyed this. Well done selling the tense nature of the experience in such simple ways.


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Great little experience 
One Last Game (No Commentary) - YouTube


I'm not sure what game were playing or how to play but I loved this game and its atmosphere!

The game does a brilliant job of developing a huge amount atmosphere in a tiny amount of time.

amazing concept. well done!

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